Monday, February 25, 2013

Things for Sale: Puerto Rico...5

Small plastic storage baskets (white). I have a number of these... $1/3 baskets (mix and match sizes if you'd like) SOLD

Caulk and caulk gun. We only used a minor amount of caulk--the tube has only been pushed up about an inch (if that). There is a screw in the nozzle of the tube, sealing it (so the caulk doesn't dry out). Both the caulk and gun were purchased (new), for one project, a few months ago. $6/both

Elmers WoodGlue Max 4 oz bottle (over 3/4 full). The tip is clean (not blocked). $2

Expo White Board Care cleaner/spray 8 oz. Used a handful of times, but bottle is almost full. $1

3M Non-slip tape:
Roll Indoor/Outdoor tread (never been opened) $3
Bathtub Strips (1/2 the package unused) $1

Husky 27oz Dead-blow hammer. New at Home Depot, they sell for around $21 dollars. Again, our hammer has not seen much's practically new. $13 SOLD

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